About Lee Evans

Lee’s leadership developed in high performing teams over 24 years in the British Army. He excelled in the exceptionally competitive environment of 24 Commando Engineer Regiment, remarkably earning the privileged appointment as the Regimental Sergeant Major responsible for upholding values, standards, and discipline, and instrumental in developing the next generation of leaders.






Lee experienced hostile operations in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, and demanding disaster and humanitarian relief operations in the Caribbean. He became skilled in the full range of extreme climates including Norway’s Arctic Circle instructing commando warfare, ski and survival skills, and in the jungles of Brunei.




Lee was a Senior Military Diving Instructor at the Defence Diving Centre of Excellence, and in other high-performance instructional roles. He became fascinated with developing others and realised the strength and importance of the human mind, himself undergoing pain free surgical operations without the use of anaesthetic. 



Lee’s purpose, to impact as many people as possible in positive and lasting ways, is woven into his daily life. He works with traumatised veterans, runs a GP referred private practice, and trains resilience in the minds of international CEOs, professional endurance athletes, special forces officers, and those facing extreme endurance challenges, as well as supporting real leadership at an organisational level. He has various academic qualifications including a First-Class Degree in Business, and a Diploma in Medical and Analytical Hypnotherapy.

Tel: 07792490136    Email: lee@mindpowersolutions.co.uk