Case Study - Caroline Livesy

There is so much written about mental strength in the sport of Ironman and endurance racing. It is no secret that the mind can have a huge influence both in training and on race day. Yet, it is all too common for us athletes to spend hours and hours training, worrying about nutrition and sleep, and not thinking at all about training the brain.


Many people just hope that they can be “in the zone” on race day, and have no idea what that really means or how to get there themselves. Imagine if you could unlock that power for yourself whenever you wanted. Imagine if that feeling of being “on it” was something that you had on tap.  Well, Lee has that magic.


Through nearly 10 years of helping people deal with all sorts of conflict and challenges in their lives Lee has developed a unique insight into the working of the human brain. I can honestly say that working with Lee is a privilege, and each session is a revelation in the workings of the athletes’ mind. It is hugely exciting to see how this new aspect of my training will influence my races this year. I am very lucky to have him on my team. 

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