Corporate Solutions

Here are the results of Year 1 of a 12 month Corporate Leadership Programme focusing on Leadership, Communication, and Engagement from Jan - Dec 18. We are building on this in Year 2 from Jan 19:

Individual Performance Enhancement


I work discretely as a performance/life coach internationally with CEOs and other business leaders over a number of months to maximise their impact and achieve their business and personal goals. This service is completely tailored to the individual and will evolve over the time that we work together, and focuses on providing real challenge, leading to real growth and development. 

'Real' leadership and high performing team workshops and programmes

Our dynamic and responsive leadership programmes consist of a unique blend of impactful training and support, with me and my team often acting as the oil between the cogs to influence and unlock friction between people. Our programmes include executive coaching at board level to help drive change forward in a sustainable way.

In a leadership programme, we will spend some time in an understand phase, gathering information and insights and building relationships and trust with your people.


We will then present the insights to the leadership team, with a plan of how to take action to drive change in ways that cause a desirable effect within the business, leading to increased engagement, morale, teamwork, trust and communication.


We will help you to create specific, actionable objectives, support you and your team with high performance business coaching, and monitor progress with you through various means including specific feedback, 360 assessment and internal surveys. 

Our unique and in depth knowledge in human behaviour, business, the military and elite sport allows us to translate theory into practice, using sophisticated team coaching and communication methods, always with an emphasis on taking action to drive change forward in a systematic way.

This video is an example of an actual 'Circle of Safety' from my own experience, which is fundamental to setting the essential conditions of psychological safety for a team to function at a high performing level. We translate the fundamental principles of leadership through our own unique and extreme experiences into actionable behaviours to create the same conditions in your teams.

Understanding Stress and the Mind Workshops and Programmes


My talks, presentations and programmes break down difficult concepts in easily understandable and practical ways allowing delegates to 'feel' real transformation in the sessions, ensuring that people leave with actionable and practical ways of developing the use of their own internal resources.

I offer individual presentations and longer term company programmes to help support the well-being and performance of your staff over time.

If you would like to find out more, or invest in the genuine well-being and performance of yourself and/or your staff, ask me about a programme or presentation for your company. It would be my pleasure to speak with you.

Programmes and workshops can be at your own venue or at a range of amazing locations around the world.

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