• Lee Evans

Mental Strength, Focus, Concentration, and Performance Enhancement

I am excited to be working with people, both at a Professional level of sport, business, GPs, and the general public as Mind Power Business Solutions is gathering momentum.

The Mind Power Solutions System® is the natural evolution of what I have observed from many different sources of information, including books, experiences, and with people in the wonderful process of genuine, lasting, change.

I have evolved a programme based over 6 weeks, which if followed seriously, takes people through the pillars of the Mind Power Solutions System® of change. This is especially useful and relevant for high level sport, or other performance such as acting where the pressure is on, and preparation of the mind is a big a part of performance as physical preparation.

The breath is the fundamental building block of life. When people learn to use the breath effectively, and proactively, it allows them to naturally experience all of the benefits listed, as they train their brain and nervous system to respond with profound levels of relaxation. This is the strong platform from which they can launch in to real performance enhancement.

As people progress through the weeks of the Mental Strength Programme, their underlying beliefs begin to change. They actually feel different. This is because we all hold subconscious (below conscious awareness) beliefs that we have learned about ourselves, and about how we fit in to the world around us. Some of those beliefs can be unhelpful, and based on misunderstandings, and they are extremely powerful. They affect how you feel.

When the beliefs begin to change, as the unhelpful beliefs are challenged, poked holes in, and undermined by your own experience, you are programming yourself with new, helpful and beneficial beliefs, which affect the way you feel in a positive sense.

You begin to experience more of the natural high of life, which has been referred to as the 'Zone', or in 'Flow'.

People frequently, and continuously surprise themselves with what they are able to achieve when they begin to believe.

As the beliefs change, you move in to building consistency, and consolidating new neural pathways, and new healthy patterns of thinking, which affect your performance, and the way that you feel. You are moving in to being, and feeling, in control.

By week 6 of the programme (race week), you are achieving your real potential for that time and place, without wasting valuable energy on irrelevant fears, or limiting thoughts and feelings. You know how to drop in to the 'Zone' on demand.

You see more clearly.

Caroline Livesey, Professional Ironman Athlete, recently worked with me on the 'Gold' level 6 week programme, and had an amazing experience of racing Ironman Texas 2017, where combined with the rest of her training, she was able to beat her Ironman Personal Best by nearly 30 minutes.

Here is what she thought of the programme.

If you are interested in working with me on Mental Strength, Focus, Concentration, and developing real psychological strength and resilience, get in touch, it would be my pleasure to hear from you.

I have a number of one day Mental Strength Courses running this year, which are aimed at the general public.

Here is what Darren Hilton, Executive Coach at Tapping the Source, thought about the day when he attended on 10 May 17.

If you would like to book a place on 16 July, or 7 September, or to find out more about what I do, get in touch, it would be my pleasure to hear from you.

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