• Lee Evans

Mental Strength Course - 13 July 17

I am delighted to be working with my passion, the human mind, and its amazing capacity for change with athletes, in therapy, and in business and the medical world.

My passion is teaching people how to consistently build mental strength through the consistent application of certain principles, resulting in a development of psychological tools, and genuine feelings of control, in what are for many, extremely busy and stressful lives.

I am running my next full day Mental Strength Course on Thursday 13 July 2017, at Litchdon Medical Centre, and would love to be able to interact with you, and teach you how to begin moving forward from the position that you are now.

Many people have the misguided belief that to attend a course for Mental Strength, or Stress reduction or some other helpful programme must mean that they are weak.

However, I teach that in the same way as people train their bodies through physical exercise programmes in the gym, or pool etc., everyone in this busy life should be training their brain and nervous system to be automatically more relaxed, and focused on their goals.

Attending a course like this is equally important for people who feel strong, and confident in themselves, and are looking to expand their awareness and enhance their performance in life.

We are all physical, mental and emotional beings, and all aspects of us deserves investment to feel complete and whole.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts is something that is a psychological statement of truth, and applies to teams and individuals within themselves.

There are a couple of spaces left for this next course, and for the next course in September.

If you are interested, please get in touch, it would be my pleasure and privilege to see you there.

Best wishes,


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