• Lee Evans

The amazing mental strength of the female mind

So, this week, I have been extremely privileged to work with several amazing females, and to gain further insight into the amazing natural mental strength of the female mind.

My clients have ranged from a wonderful, beautiful, and excited 12 year old girl, who is struggling to sleep, a couple of amazingly strong 20 somethings who are also inhibiting sleep as well as other functions, a couple of exceedingly high performing 30 and 40 somethings in business, education, and sport, and the pattern that I have seen with these, and so many other females that I have been privileged to work with over the years is a common one.

It is a pattern of amazing capacity, phenomenal resource, the most wonderful, caring, energy for others, but not for themselves.

It has been stated as a psychological truth for many years that men blame others, and things outside of themselves, which in truth is an ugly, critical, and selfish expression of energy, while women on the other hand, internalise the micro stressors, take responsibility for their own actions, and that of others until they reach a point where the force exerted on them exceeds their ability to cope.

Females take all of this pressure, and then typically add to it with undeserved self criticism. They go as far as falling over, feeling real warning signals from their bodies which are urging them to slow down, and pushing through until many reach the point of 'burnout'.

Clearly, burnout is not a specifically female concern, however, it is clear to me through the evidence of their lives, that females are extremely mentally robust, and strong, as if they were not, they would not be able to keep going in this way until they literally fall over.

They juggle the role of motherhood, caring wife, business leader, friend, teacher, role model with seemingly amazing capacity. However, inside they may be feeling it.

If you ever look at the special female that you can relate to from this post in your life, and wonder how she manages to keep it all together, make sure that you know if she is truly keeping it all together.

Sometimes, us men, take it all for granted that they are just amazing without really realising that they need our undivided attention and support sometimes.

So this post is for all of the amazing women out there, yes, amazing. Sometimes you need to realise how amazing you are, and prioritise yourself. Raise yourself up in your own priority list.

You deserve it.

Thank you.

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