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Mind Body System Resilience Programme®

I am extremely privileged in the work that I do, and have done with many people over my life. My reward is being a part of peoples’ process and experience of change, and I am humbled and grateful for all of the messages that I receive. My aim is to share my knowledge, skills and experience with as many people as possible, in as many sectors as possible, to contribute to life in a positive way.

The Mind Body System Resilience Programme® is offered to people in business or sporting teams through the 8-week, personally delivered programme. The programme consists of a systematic, experiential process of learning at a nervous system level, where I will facilitate weekly sessions in your workplace, and support you with easy to use practical tools and resources that develop and deepen your own knowledge, skill, and practice on a daily basis. Each week builds on the week before, and results in a solid foundation to build on as you progress.

The Mind Body System Resilience Programme® has been honed, tested, and developed from my work over 10 years with high performing people in military, sporting, business, and medical fields, as well as in individual therapy, and with my own mind.

It incorporates elements of mindfulness, meditation and other focused states, as well as insights from neuroscience, psychology and biology. The programme is truly practically based and useable in a busy life.

For those that practice, this results in a genuine, sustainable increase in performance, ability to manage and reduce stress, clearer focus and direction. This will lead to an increase in general health and well-being. It is a perfect programme for you to genuinely invest in the health and well-being of your staff, which is proven to increase the bottom line in business.

In fact, a 2014 British study on subjective well-being in the workplace "showed a clear, positive, statistically significant relationship between the average level of job satisfaction at the workplace and workplace performance. Employee job satisfaction was found to be positively associated with workplace financial performance, labour productivity and the quality of output and service".


Get in touch today to discuss how you can transform the health, well-being, psychological resilience, and performance of your team, through the Mind Body System Resilience Programme®.

Here are just a few genuine accounts of some of the people who have changed their perceptions, despite thinking that they would not be able to.

I am full of positive emotion about the past few months, despite (or because of!) everything that has happened. I have changed my patterns of thinking for sure. I am aware of that every day. You have truly changed my life in so many ways. Thank you once again for everything.

Mental strength & performance enhancement in sport – 2017

Hi Lee, I thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know how things are going, I practise mental strength every day and I have gone from strength to strength. On a financial note, this year is proving to be my best ever – to date. On a personal level, I am calm, confident and relaxed. I am enjoying my life. Thank you so much.

Focus, clarity, and performance in Business – 2017

Hi Lee

I just thought you would like to know that I have just driven from Devon to Nottingham via the M5, M42 & M1. Feeling pretty pleased with myself. Thank you so much for all your help!! After nearly 3 years of not being able to drive on a Motorway, I did not think it would be possible again. I really can't thank you enough for helping me to achieve this. I will be in touch.

Motorway driving panic attacks – 2017

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