• Lee Evans

High performance in business and people

It is no surprise that effective, timely, and genuine communication helps build trust, strengthen bonds, and facilitates high performance in teams and individuals.

The latter is also true, a lack of effective communication leads to assumptions, which are generally wrong, destroys trust, and bonds between individuals and teams, and lowers efficiency, performance, and the bottom line.

A lack of trust very quickly pushes people in to the blame game.

Effective, learning organisations, high performing teams understand the importance of embracing failures, ensuring the same mistakes are not made in exactly the same way again.

A high performing team, breeds a culture that ensures people will not be punished, criticised, humiliated or ignored for genuine, honest mistakes. They will learn.

This culture takes time to build, is lost in an instant, and encourages people to speak their minds, add to the team, increasing performance and effectiveness.

The irony - many organisations are interested in profit over people. These organisations do not see clearly, and do not realise their potential.

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