• Lee Evans

The female mind, beauty, strength and potential.

I am privileged to know, and work with many women in business, sport, and life, and I have discovered and admired the strength and beauty of the female mind over many years in my personal and professional life.

Of course, I work with many men also, however in general, there is something unique about the female mind, something that draws you in, a natural beauty and caring quality.

My experience is that with the female mind, there is a natural honesty, an acceptance of responsibility, and a very powerful openness that lays much closer to the surface than with most men.

This is not an attack on men at all, it is an observation over 25 years in professional work, and over 40 years of my life. It is my opinion.

The female is a natural loving force. We all have, or have had a mother, and some will be able to recognise these qualities in their own mothers more than others. There are many factors involved here, so I am not saying that all mothers are very loving, however, I believe that they are mostly all born with that natural tendency.

Nearly all people, in my opinion, have layers of defence against the world, these inner thoughts and ideas that are of course never shared with anyone, and that is appropriate.

When you build an authentic rapport, and trust in a female mind, you unlock vast potential and power to achieve wonderful things, as well as an almost unbreakable level of gratitude and loyalty.

If you are fortunate enough to be in a real team, where you have deep levels of loyalty, mutual support, and humility with a female, I urge you to realise what you have, and celebrate, appreciate, and build the bonds ever stronger.

If more females can become more aware of themselves, they are in my opinion and experience, a powerful force to be reckoned with, in whatever endeavour they choose to engage and set their mind.

To all of the females in my life, past and present, thank you, you are strong and an inspiration.


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