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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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It's been a while since I wrote my blog, please engage with me if what I am writing resonates with you.

I am currently reading this amazing resource by Dr Stephen Covey, it is an old book, and having eventually got around to prioritising it on my reading list, I am glad I have. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Reading books and other resources is essential for continued growth and development, however, one of the things that I find with many many people that I work with is that most people do not use the information they find helpful in books in their lives.

I will review a few key points from this book in this post, but before I do, the thing I have found extremely helpful myself in approaching books for development is that I take something from each of the books I read, and integrate it in to my life, so that the learning is not lost or forgotten.

It may be one or two things that I build in to the habits of my life, or in the case of exceptionally good books, I may study them extensively, pull the ideas apart, and see how they fit in with my experience of life.

Dr Covey, in his classic book, gives some excellent advice and explanations, as well as powerful stand alone statements.

The first habit he talks about is 'being proactive'. That sounds obvious on first reading it, however, what he means is probably not what you imagine on reading the words. He explains it very much about taking responsibility. That is something I talk about with many people I work with, however, he adds a new level of understanding.

Taking responsibility means understanding that you have the ability to choose your response (response-ability) to the conditions, circumstances and stimulus that come at you in life. He goes on further with something I have also spoken to many people about in my work, which is Victor Frankl's idea that there is a gap between stimulus and response. He breaks down and reminds me that in that gap between stimulus and response, there exists 4 unique humans endowments:

1.Self awareness - This is the start point of emotional intelligence, talked about often in training classes, but much less displayed through practice and action. He explains that self awareness is our unique human ability to look at yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and examine them in the moment they are occurring as if raised above and out of yourself. Imagine looking down at yourself now from above, reading this, and this ability gives us the evidence and knowledge that we are higher than our thoughts and feelings and ideas, therefore can gain control of them with self awareness.

2.Imagination - Again, something I work with routinely, daily, with myself and others, the good and bad use of the imagination is critical to our experiences. People frequently use their imagination against themselves, creating fear and doubt and brining it into their physical and mental experience of life. This amazing faculty is the ability to create in our own minds an experience which is beyond our current reality, and then focus on it daily to bring it in to reality, through various methods of meditation, self hypnosis and conscious endeavour.

3. Conscience - The deep inner awareness between right and wrong. The principles that govern our behaviour, a sense of the degree to which our thoughts and actions are in harmony with them, which is our integrity.

4. Independent will. The ability to act based on our own self awareness, free of all other influences, importantly including fear.

All of these 4 things exist in the gap between stimulus and response, and that gap can be developed, so that you can use all of these faculties in your life to make the best decisions.

This is just scratching the surface of the 1st habit, and I will continue to share other ideas and thoughts with the aim of them influencing other people in beneficial ways.

Have a wonderful day.

Best, Lee.

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