• Lee Evans

How to determine your own chronotype

This is for you to work out your most productive time of the day, and night by yourself.

There is lots of information for people interested in well being and high performance, and like any successful individual or team will know, high performers strip away a lot of the complex tests, instructions and techniques, favouring basics done consistently to an extra ordinarily high standard.

You can determine your chrono-type, and find your most productive time of day for deep, lighter, and creative work, whether you are a lark or an owl, on your own very simply with a small amount of effort.

Rather that taking blood tests etc., which is an option, however, not the most common way that high performers in all walks of life do it, the gold standard way, which you can do yourself is:

For 7 days, go to bed when you are tired, and wake up when you naturally wake without an alarm clock, and without the use of fatigue fighting stimulant in the day ie. caffeine.

You will do a number of things.

Firstly, you'll determine your chrono-type.

Secondly, you will push the full reset button, which years of caffeine, blue light late at night etc. may have messed with.

Third, you will discover your tailored amount of nightly sleep that you require (by taking an average of the amount of hours slept over the 7 nights).




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