• Lee Evans

Fear and the power of now

I have often found myself explaining that many fears are learned by using the analogy of the child putting their hand in the fire and learning that it is dangerous, therefore learning to avoid putting their hand in the fire.

However, most children have never put their hand in the fire, yet they still do not do it as a practice.

The reason we do not put our hands in the fire is because we know that to do so will hurt and therefore cause pain.

If someone was to threaten me with fire, then we may feel fear, but it is more of an instinctual reaction to protect ourselves, which is related to a present danger.

The fear that many people are facing each day in their lives, expressed as an underlying feeling of anxiety, unease, worry, nervousness, tension, dread, panic etc. is a psychological state of fear which is divorced completely from any kind of concrete or true immediate danger.

It is based on something that might (or might not) happen, not something that is happening now. You are in the now always, but your mind in this case is in the future, and creating feelings that you experience now.

So, being able to learn to use the power of your mind for yourself, instead of being a slave to the power of your mind is a worthwhile and beneficial use of your time in the now.

There are many 'ways' to learn to experience the objective nature of your mind, and look at things from a removed perspective. Also, there are many ways to learn how to relax your system, through the effective and powerful use of the breath, meditation practices etc.

One amazing ( of many out there ) resource is the book 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle.

If you spend time practicing some of the content of this book, you will likely surprise yourself in how quickly you can gain a sense of control in your mind.

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