• Lee Evans

Your power to choose

One of the natural highs you get from working with people is to be part of the process of them gaining awareness of themselves, and of their own choice to respond in the way they want to respond to life and external situations.

The fact that anyone can change the way they think, feel and act, has been proven to me on so many occasions in the past 10 years, that there is no longer any doubt.

Today I was privileged to work with a particular 15 yr old for the second time, who has shown a huge amount of maturity in practicing the use of her mind, and has achieved wonderful things.

Between stimulus and response, there is a gap, and in that gap is our freedom to choose our response, to be in control of our minds.

The mind is what learns in your life and then tries to protect you from danger, but it often misunderstands, and is trying to protect you against things that are not in fact dangers.

You can learn to see your mind, and then decide what you want to use its power for.


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