• Lee Evans

Discovering your meaning and purpose is a process

Good Morning all,

I am writing this morning about 'meaning' and 'purpose', about how important it is to begin finding yours to begin getting the most from life, and even if you are one of the fewer people that has discovered your 'why', how it needs your constant attention to ensure you are not simply ticking boxes, and are actually living it.

A 'meaning' to your life has been shown consistently over so many studies, and from so many thought leaders throughout history, from the ancient greeks, to the discoveries of Viktor Frankl in the concentrations camps, to modern day famous proponents like Simon Sinek, to be the thing that brings happiness, resilience, and fulfillment to life.

There are many books and stories of people on their death beds recounting that what they would have done differently is not anything to do with the traditional view of success in material or financial measures, although there is nothing wrong with wanting more, but more to do with the quality of relationships nurtured, and the measure of how much contribution people make to life and to others in life.

I have a meaning and a purpose, with a set of supporting values and behaviours, and also daily practices to keep me focused and striving to achieve my purpose, and even then, I am now slightly adjusting the wording of my purpose as I have realised that it is not exactly accurate.

It is however, in my opinion, fundamentally important to living the best life possible for me.

My purpose, until today, 'To impact as many people as possible, including myself, in positive and lasting ways' I thought was very complete and it felt a perfect fit for me. It is not that I see it completely differently all of a sudden, but on closer examination, I realise that 'as many people as possible' is not what I am doing daily, or want to be doing daily. This is a good thing as it proves to me that I am paying attention to my purpose, taking it seriously, and maintaining and developing my own self awareness.

To impact as many people as possible would take all of my time and energy to be constantly looking for new people to impact daily, and I have come to realise that although I want to impact people positively, I do not want to impact as many people as possible. I know this by examining my behaviours, and I do not spend huge amounts of time looking for new people to impact daily.

So, I have changed the wording of my purpose to 'To consistently impact people, including myself, in positive and lasting ways'. That may not seem like a big difference, but it is, and I can now 'feel' completely aligned with my purpose, knowing that I am actually living it daily.

I would advise everyone to spend some time and thinking power to finding their meaning and purpose, and to develop it, and find the ways, the means, the methods of achieving it daily.

As apparently spoken by Socrates, the unexamined life is not worth living, rings true to me, and I hope it makes you think and leads to a positive and lasting impact on you.


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