• Lee Evans

Tragic optimism in all of life's situations

Tragic optimism described by Viktor Frankl means that one is, and remains, optimistic in spite of the tragic triad of human existence, pain, guilt and death.

In fact, it presupposes that life is potentially meaningful under any conditions, and that further, the human capacity to creatively turn life’s negatives into something positive leading to growth and development is a very real phenomenon.

The best, or optimum way is to use human suffering for achievement and strength, derive from guilt the opportunity to learn and change for the better, and viewing life’s transitoriness as incentive to take responsible action and continuously strive to engage with life.

Looking deeper in to the importance of meaning, it is clear that authenticity in meaning cannot be forced. For example, you cannot authentically decide to be happy in the long term without a reason to be happy, something you do, or have in your life must evoke the feeling in you.

It’s the same with trust. You cannot demand trust of people, they must have a reason to trust you based on what you do consistently.

For anything to be fulfilling or optimal in life, it must have a meaning. Once you are successful in finding your reason, meaning, it not only gives you happiness, but also the capacity to endure more, it makes you more resilient.

And so it follows that people living with purpose no longer need the reason to be happy to be outside of them, they are happy, and contributing to life because of life, and see, and search for all of its opportunities each day.

Their meaning and purpose drives them.

To spend yourself in a worthy cause, I recommend to everyone to spend time and energy discovering yourself, using resources to guide you, good books, good people, and practice, practice, practice...

Engage with life, believe in your ‘self’, you can achieve anything you ‘set’ your mind to do.


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