• Lee Evans

Learn to direct your mind with meaning

If you wake up feeling a little unmotivated or uninspired, that does not need to define how the rest of your day will be.

This is the power of meaning and purpose, this is resilience and this is ultimately control.

You still have a choice to follow your morning routine if you have one, to remind yourself of your purpose, and if it is powerful and meaningful to you, you will, within minutes take control of your thoughts and the subsequent feelings and change them for how you want to feel. You will feel the smile start to grow on your face.

In the process of this happening, you will also become aware that you are exercising and directing the power of your mind, using the mind for yourself as the powerful resource that it is, rather than being driven by the thoughts, influenced by experiences that your mind has learned, and which are often false ideas.

You are then using your power of choice in real life. You are 'doing' what so many people will only read about in famous books, becoming aware of and using the last human freedom that nobody can take away from you, the freedom and choice to choose your attitude to any given situation in life.

When you combine this use of your mind with other powerful and natural resources, such as learning how to relax the nervous system through breathing, using meditation, programming your mind with self hypnosis, expressing and feeling gratitude, exercising, enjoying yourself with people who are important to you, believing in yourself, you are on a journey of self discovery which will last for the rest of your life, and lead to a richer, fuller, and more expressive experience of life.

Impact people, including yourself, in positive and lasting ways.


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