• Lee Evans

The secret of how to still the mind

Is your mind busy? Do you find it difficult to 'switch off'?

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Most people that I work with will answer 'yes' to the two questions above, and it is not surprising that people experience a busy mind with all of the demands placed upon us in life, in comparison to the amount of time most people dedicate to developing the mind muscle.

I have found over the last 10 years of helping people learn about their minds, that nearly everyone of them has found it a challenge and have struggled to achieve stillness in the mind, prior to out work together.

This is despite some people regularly 'trying' to meditate or 'be mindful' or use other methods that are tried and tested, but just don't seem to work for them. There is no doubt that meditation, mindful practices etc. are very effective if we can gain their powerful effects for ourselves, and develop practices of using the mind in this way regularly.

But still people feel like they can't do 'it', or are not doing 'it' right. The word 'it' is a part of the problem, because there is no 'it'. 'It' is really 'I'. I will go deeper in to the 'I' and how the mind hi-jacks 'you' in a later blog post, but for now, the secret...

The key to stilling the mind is to not try. What?! I hear you say.

Yes, don't try.

To achieve stillness in the mind, you must do something that means your mind has no capacity to be busy with unwanted thoughts, and that is the opposite of how most people 'try' to still or use the mind.

Have you ever 'tried' to go to sleep? It is a guarantee of staying awake. By trying to go to sleep, your mind is filled with all of the reasons that you must achieve sleep quickly, 'I will be tire dint he morning' or 'I only have 6 hours left 'til I have to get up'. These thoughts are the result of your 'trying' to sleep, and are the opposite to what you need to sleep.

To sleep, you must relax the body and the mind, and it is then natural to sleep.

If you think, 'Right, I will empty all thoughts from my mind now', most will find that their minds do not play ball. That is because when you think in that way, you are 'trying' to control or direct the most powerful part of the mind - the ego. Again, more on this in the next coupe of weeks, but for now, understand that the more you 'try' to empty your mind of unwanted thoughts, the more energy you are giving to them, the more they will crowd your mind space.

This is where you enter in to a battle with your thoughts to be in charge and get them out of your mind, 'trying' desperately to maintain even a brief glimpse of stillness, before it is dashed by annoying thoughts, which you then begin to give energy to.

So, the secret is non effort, don't 'try' to clear the mind. Do something that means the mind stills as a result of what you are doing with it.

Here is the first very quick exercise for you to do to see what I mean.

Rules: No effort, expectation or 'trying', just doing.

Pay attention to focus on a single point.

Sit in a comfortable position, somewhere without distractions, with your hands relaxed and not touching each other, and let your body become very still, that means no movement at all.

Focus your eyes on a single point, and stare at that point without moving a muscle. Something very small, like the head of a nail type of size. Do nothing else.

Imagine your eyes are like laser beams, locked on to the single point and they cannot move from that point.

Now, immerse all of your attention on staring at the single point, and you will notice your peripheral vision begin to blur, let it, and fill your mind with the single point.

Stop reading now, and do that for 30 secs...then read on.

If you were thinking 'am I doing this right? or 'I can't do this', you are not doing the single thing I have told you to, which is to concentrate all of your attention for a brief period on the single point. Really concentrate on it, and nothing else. If you were thinking something else, realise that, and do it again, this time with your full attention on achieving the task, which is to fully concentrate, engage, and immerse in the single point for a brief period, and nothing else.

Now, do it again... then read on.

If you thought, 'this is the problem, I can't focus', you are not doing the one single thing I have told you to do, you are 'trying' too hard. Everyone can focus on something if it is important enough for them.

So, again, stare at the point without moving a muscle, let your peripheral vision blur and fully concentrate your attention on that single point. Just pretend for a short time, there is nothing else in the world, just you and the single point, as if you are exchanging energy with the point, becoming one with it, just you and the single point.

If you did do this and nothing else, you will now realise that you just achieved stillness in your mind, on demand, well done and keep practicing.

The secret to stilling the mind is to not try to empty your mind of thoughts, but to fill your mind with something to the point that there is no capacity for any other thoughts.

The outcome - stillness of the mind, is a consequence and a by-product of doing something else with your mind, filling it with something, so that there is no room left for the thoughts. The natural effect is everything else falls away, in the same way that sleep will follow when you relax the body and mind.

I would love to hear how you get on with this, so please email or comment your experiences, and I will respond to you.

I will give you another practice to still the mind again next week.

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