• Lee Evans

A new look, feel and sound

Good morning everyone!

I hope this finds you very well and moving forwards in your life.

I am working with the Amazing Mark and Natalie Thomas and together we are changing the way my videos look and sound as I begin to scale the positive impact I can make on people to another level. Mark and Nat are AWESOME!

This video is one that I have sent you before earlier this year with a very important message about confidence.

I hope it serves you today.

I would love to know your honest thoughts and feedback on our new sound that will be associated with my brand as I start to develop podcasts, online training courses and other ways of getting the positive message out there.

I've just started on instagram too, which I love and I'm posting my own thoughts in quotes and other snippets every single day, so I'd love you to join me on there.

I am going to start very shortly with a more professional place to shoot the videos from and brush up my attire too!

Have a wonderful day, let me know your thoughts and if you have a particular topic on personal development and high performance you want me to teach about, please let me know either by message or in the comments.

Thank you, and whatever you do today, do it intentionally.


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