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As I approach the end of my programme with you I feel so appreciative for everything I have learnt.  I know I have the tools to deal with competitions at any level, and I have a new confidence when I perform.  On Sunday I unfortunately had 2 malfunctions with my computer monitor and was really being messed around in my match. I ended up having to change lanes, and at the end of the match everyone had to sit and watch me shoot 2 x 5 shot series on my own.  A few weeks ago this would have stressed me and my focus would certainly have been on everyone sitting behind me and the outcome.  This week I maintained my focus and calm and quite enjoyed it.  I felt confident and shot a 48 and a 49  out of 50 series just to show them!!Thanks again for everything and I am now sitting at home feeling positive and motivated about my shooting career - all because of your support.

GB level Pistol Athlete - 2018

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Lee is professional, insightful and very talented, I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Rachel Smallwood MBE - Commander Royal Navy

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My leadership team and I have been working with Lee to improve our performance, particularly in leading and motivating a dispersed workforce. He has been challenging and thought provoking, but above all he has helped us deliver real results. Action really does lead to change.

Director of Environment and Sustainability at Pennon Group PLC and Waste Water Operations Director at South West Water - 2018

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Lee Evans brings a wealth of life experience from his Military Commando background. He offers clear, relatable advice to individuals, or organisations, to develop healthy work/life balances. P Pickering

Lee offers simple, easy to implement practices that can have an immediate and lasting impact. He has a deep understanding of his subject matter. Unlike many others in this field, Lee practices what he preaches and he is a testament to the power of his message. J Sorabjee

Military Officers from one of my bespoke 2 day Resilience and Peak Performance training programmes Nov 2018  

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I’d just like to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I really appreciate what you have taught me over the last year or so. I’m genuinely less stressed, more confident, more proactive and most importantly happier with not only work but life as a whole!

A manager who participated in one of my Organisational Leadership and Communications programmes Aug 2018

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The energy and passion you put into your work is clear to see and wonderful and exciting to experience.  I am still processing the experience because you offered me so much in such a short amount of time. 

Most importantly, during our time together, I felt heard, valued and safe.


Thanks again for sharing some of your gifts with me.


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Just wanted to say a big thank you as a result of me being absolutely fine on my flight to & from my lovely holiday a couple of weeks ago. I also noticed and was shocked whilst in a restaurant before the holiday how calm and relaxed I was as the room layout/closeness would normally have been my worst nightmare! The fact that it impacts on my day to day life and it could have potentially put a huge dampener on my holiday, I am very grateful for your help.


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I first heard of Lee’s Mental Strength Training and Self Hypnosis coaching while serving in the British Army, at 24 Commando, where Lee is held in very high regard.


I had heard of numerous people talking about Lee’s coaching skills and bespoke training plans, and while preparing for my upcoming TransAtlantic World Record Rowing Attempt it seemed the obvious decision to contact Lee to help me mentally prepare for my expedition having heard of the amazing results he has had coaching elite athletes across a wide breadth of sports and disciplines.


From Day 1 Lee was an absolute pleasure to work with. I didn’t know exactly what to expect coming into the training but Lee broke everything down for me, made everything easy to understand, relatable to my sport and specific to my goals. Everything just made sense, I was able to pick up the skills quickly and progress through the training at a good

pace thanks to Lee’s excellent coaching.


I found myself focusing better, feeling more relaxed and confident and having a much more positive approach in both personal and professional situations.


On Saturday 28 Oct 2017 I successfully completed 7 Marathons in 7 Days on a Concept2 Indoor Rowing machine, during which, I implemented a mixture of all of the skills Lee taught me during my training. This helped me to stay focused, calm and in control throughout. The tools I now have to draw upon are brilliant and they were fantastic when utilised during this Marathon of Marathons.


I am now preparing for my Atlantic Ocean World Record Rowing Attempt in early Dec 2017. The skills Lee has taught me will stand me in very good stead while I am out on the Atlantic Ocean; rowing in a gruelling shift pattern of 2 hours on, 2 hours off for around 45-48 days, day and night and with no support.

Update Jan 2019 - Duncan completed his Atlantic Ocean Crossing achieving the World Record he set out to achieve. He is now in the middle of his next world record attempt in the middle of the Atlantic once again

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I was recommended by my GP to see Lee when I was feeling consumed by sadness, anxiety and depression and being overweight. I couldn't see a way out of feeling overwhelmed by my thoughts and feelings and this was all affecting my ability to concentrate on my own health and well-being. Following my first consultation with Lee I already felt the benefit and began to take back control of my life. I have been an emotional eater for as long as I can remember and with breathing techniques Lee taught me I no longer felt the need to eat sugary foods if I was feeling stressed or out of control. The feeling of being able to avoid unhealthy food was very empowering and I began to enjoy the fact that I had regained control of my life. I very quickly started to feel more at peace with myself, able to focus more at work and felt my quality of life had improved significantly. With a positive focus I learned that if I believe something in my mind there is no reason to doubt that it can be achieved. I cannot thank Lee enough for his guidance and support in helping me to realise the potential to achieve my goals in life. 

Anxiety, self criticism, and feeling low

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I really enjoyed the day as it helped to deepen my understanding of the process and purpose of self-hypnosis.  The range of activities throughout the day kept me focused and able to learn then practise each element.  To be able to be in hypnosis on the mat and also on the chair was a great experience.  This morning I sat in a chair to do it and I was surprised to feel okay doing it like that. Many thanks for your enthusiasm, honesty and patience.

Self-Hypnosis Training Mental Strength Course

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I am more relaxed, self-assured, confident, driven and focussed. I suffer measurably less anxiety and worry. I have weaned myself off social media. I am less distracted. This is how I did it. I first saw Lee at a presentation for the company I work for. I have always been intrigued by how you can “control” your own mind. 

I had the opportunity to talk to Lee briefly at the end of his presentation and found him both engaging and knowledgeable. Having gone through a very messy and emotional divorce a few years ago I was left with very low esteem and would suffer anxiety over the smallest thing. I had turned to social media for a dopamine boost.


To make me feel good. Getting “likes” is always good. Right! The problem was that I was turning to this more and more and this was interfering with my day to day work. I am self-employed so I need to be on my game in order to get paid. Spending hours a day in a social media loop was destructive. I was losing focus and my drive and anxiety was getting worse.

I had bought a book from Lee when we met which I read and decided I wanted to learn more. I wanted to take back control of my life, raise my self-esteem, my drive and lose my anxiety.

When I met with Lee at his practise in Braunton, he soon put me at ease. We talked through the issues that I had and he explained the way forward. He walked me through a plan.

He took me into hypnosis which all seemed very natural (which of course it is) and I felt completely safe and relaxed during and energised afterwards.

I have an audio file to use daily which reinforces the techniques we discussed in our meeting. I use this daily. 

I requested a second meeting so as to build on what I learned from the first. I can now hypnotise my-self with increasing speed and success and do so daily. It is a very pleasurable experience and I use Lees audio file to reinforce the messages which allow me to change my thinking and my behaviour. I am working on preparing my own dialogue so as to fine tune the message.

The proof is in the eating, right? I have become much more focused and driven but in a happy and contented way. I have so much more self believe and vision. I can see clearly what the plan is and how to follow it. I am more relaxed yet I get so much more done at work. My anxiety levels are a fraction of what they were just a few short weeks ago. I have even had opportunity to test the new me. I have had a couple of important meetings that, previously would have sent my anxiety and feeling of low self-worth well into the red. I dealt with both of them confidently and with relaxed, self-assured confidence. To me, this is a testament the hypnosis works and the changes to my behaviour. 

I have further meetings booked with Lee (on my request) and look forward to a long relationship.

Confidence and focus

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I was given Lee's name by my GP. I attended his understanding anxiety workshop and gained a real insight in to how I have been using my mind against myself in a negative way.

I had my first hypnotherapy session with Lee to prepare for a situation that had caused me great anxiety nearly all of my life. I confronted the situation, and was shocked at how differently I dealt with it.

I still have a way to go, but will definitely continue hypnotherapy with Lee in the New Year to fully become the person I want to be. With the tools Lee has taught me, I really believe I can change my mind to help me, instead of hurting me. I wish I had done this years ago.

If I can do it with the extreme fear and initial disbelief I held, anyone can. For the first time, I believe in myself and have hope, and that is thanks to Lee's help to change my use of mind and my pattern of thinking.


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I now feel great and more energetic on a daily basis thanks to Lee. I got in touch as I was not sleeping very well, I didn't really know why I could not switch off. Laying there for hours during the night while everyone else slept was no fun! I have a 2 year old daughter and even she sleeps better than me so I knew I had-to do something about it.


I contacted lee about this issue, and he was more than happy to help. I received a hypnosis audio for natural sleep which I needed to listen to for at least 3 weeks.


Day 1 - I got myself comfortable and listened through and felt myself yawning because I felt so relaxed! That evening before bed I listened to it again on my smart phone by my pillow. I found Lee's voice very calming and went through the breathing techniques and let my mind wander where it needed to. That night I had 5 hours sleep and for me that was an achievement! I carried on through the week and from not sleeping more than a hour a night, I was getting about 6 and a half and that was only in the first week!


I was so chuffed as it meant I had more energy during the day, which I desperately needed.  I am on my third week now, but if I am honest I felt the benefits the first night. Thank you Lee.

Emma Williams - Easy sleep

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There is so much written about mental strength in the sport of Ironman and endurance racing. It is no secret that the mind can have a huge influence both in training and on race day. Yet, it is all too common for us athletes to spend hours and hours training, worrying about nutrition and sleep, and not thinking at all about training the brain.


Many people just hope that they can be “in the zone” on race day, and have no idea what that really means or how to get there themselves. Imagine if you could unlock that power for yourself whenever you wanted. Imagine if that feeling of being “on it” was something that you had on tap.  Well, Lee has that magic.


Through nearly 10 years of helping people deal with all sorts of conflict and challenges in their lives Lee has developed a unique insight into the working of the human brain. I can honestly say that working with Lee is a privilege, and each session is a revelation in the workings of the athletes’ mind. It is hugely exciting to see how this new aspect of my training will influence my races this year. I am very lucky to have him on my team.

Mental Strength: Caroline Livesey - Professional Triathlete

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I had lived with undiagnosed depression for as long as I can remember. I was eventually diagnosed one year after the birth of my first child. Having undergone counseling both successful and unsuccessful and having taken anti-depressants for three years I didn’t feel any further forward. I had gotten to the point where I had exhausted all “conventional” methods of treatment and had in fact resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to get any better.


My symptoms became debilitating. I had no desire to leave the house and socialize, (although when I did I was well versed in hiding my symptoms). I had negative thoughts about myself as an individual, a mother and a professional. I had no feelings toward anyone/anything other than my children, which put incredible strain on my marriage. I began to have thoughts of self-harm just so I could “feel” something. I was going through life feeling emotionally numb. My marriage was at breaking point for probably the last time and my biggest fear was lying on my deathbed and thinking “what a miserable existence”, which was becoming a possible reality. I had no confidence in myself, or my abilities.


That was then. Five months after my first meeting with Lee Evans I am in a totally different place. I no longer shy away and avoid meeting people, instead I embrace the challenge that every day brings. I recently returned to work having been away from my profession for nearly 6 years. I saw my opportunity to work as just that, a great opportunity. Usually there would have been 101 reasons not to return to work, but I grabbed this with both hands and can now reflect on my achievements. Ironically, now is probably one of the few times when I genuinely had 101 reasons not to return to work, i.e husband away on deployment, lack of childcare etc. I am currently in the throws of setting up my own business, which is something I have only dreamed of before. I now have every confidence in my abilities and am positive that I will be a success in what ever I put my mind to.  


This is a far cry from the person I was, and every thanks goes to Lee Evans.  Everything he has taught me has led me to where I am today.  I will admit it hasn’t been easy at times as commitment to change and helping myself was the key here, there is no quick fix! I can honestly say that I have never felt so positive about life EVER! Thank you Lee.


All the best to whoever is reading this, I wish you every success.


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I have lived with emetophobia to one degree or another for about 35 years of my life. I had learned to ‘handle it’ though it lurked in the back of my mind at times, for example travelling, busy social venues and eating out.

With only myself to deal with I managed but I wasn’t prepared for what happened when I had children and my eldest child caught the Norovirus. The day it happened my anxiety went into overdrive and rendered me physically and emotionally unable to do a thing for her. Luckily my husband was there to look after her but the effect it had on me was immense, every day there after I would live in fear of one of the children becoming sick and it gripped my life. The guilt of being afraid to be around my children and the anxiety of it happening again was unbearable. 

At a visit to my doctor I was given information about a local Hypnotherapist and after reading the information on his website I was keen to make an appointment, it sounded to be just the help I needed. On phoning to make an appointment I couldn’t even talk about it without the level of anxiety and emotion spilling out.

Following the appointment (and plenty more tears!) I felt an immediate calm, and inner peace which is difficult to describe, but that it was now Ok, I could cope, I was not controlled by the anxiety that so quickly raced in and took over my mind and body.

To this day I still feel that inner peace about the situation I most feared. It has not left me entirely, there are times when there is a glimmer of the threat it wants to race back into my mind but I am now able to calmly let the thought go and continue with my day, whatever that may entail!

It has brought me a new appreciation for life, for the feeling of relaxation and for living each day in the moment, enjoying where I am and who I am with. It sounds very simple but has been the most remarkable point in life for me.

Immediate results from emetophobia

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When I first came to Lee I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. Within seconds of being with him I was feeling at ease and indeed looking forward to the experience.

Since starting to work with Lee, I have felt more confident in every way. I am much more able to relax and feel generally more energised.

I am now able to manage my pain. Lee has taught me how to self-hypnotise. I now do this as often as I can. Originally I was taking several painkillers, receiving physio and hydro therapy, and attending the pain clinic. This has been going on for several years. I have now stopped taking the pain killers and have been discharged from all of these treatments as I have improved beyond even their expectations.

My life has changed, I feel so much better and certainly not so tired all of the time. Everything is now positive, I am able to deal with all the situations that life throws at me confidently.

Pain management - Chronic pain

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As I approached the end of my pregnancy, I started to feel worried about giving birth. My sister had been to see Lee and found their work together very helpful so I thought I'd give it a try. 

During the session Lee talked through some of my worries about giving birth and helped me to focus my mind in a different and more positive way. I found myself in a wonderfully relaxed state. Time flew. I remember thinking that I'd enjoyed it but I was unsure how, or if it would help with giving birth. 

Immediately following the session I was amazed to find that being hypnotised had an affect on me physically; heavily pregnant I walked up a very steep hill without getting out of breath. I started to believe that relaxing my mind could have a very beneficial effect on my body. 

At home I listened regularly to the recording that Lee made and practised relaxing and thinking positively. When I went into labour I remember feeling confident and very calm. Labour went quickly and although it was painful I didn't once feel scared or like I couldn't do it. I actually enjoyed it. We were very lucky. Our baby was born with no pain relief or medical interventions. Whilst I can't put this down solely to the hypnotherapy, being as calm as I was would certainly have helped, no matter what direction the birth had taken.

I feel very grateful to Lee for helping me feel confident in my abilities. Thank you Lee.

Natural Childbirth

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I met Lee and found out about his work rather inadvertently. I certainly wasn’t “searching” for a solution to any problem that I felt was having a particularly negative impact on my life.  Instead, we met in the context of work and from our conversations I became curious about his interest in this area and the studies he’d undertaken.

As an Army educator, I would say that I take a keen interest in the workings of the mind.  Having worked in a training environment and through my daily dealings with soldiers, I have seen first-hand the impact an individual’s mental attitude can have in their learning/training. Thus it was from within this context that I asked Lee if he could help me with some strategies in order to improve my own physical performance. 

To say that the three sessions in which we worked together were incredibly profound would be an understatement. As someone who considers themself to be incredibly rational with an intelligent and objective approach to matters, I was genuinely surprised by the different approaches that he encouraged me to consider. Surprised, in that they seemed so obvious but at no point had I considered them myself! Lee’s approach was individualised and methodical and at no point was I put under any pressure. I felt that he challenged me in ways that I had not experienced before and I came away feeling incredibly positive, relaxed and in many respects invincible.


I had in no way envisaged that the outcome could be this brilliant and cannot stress enough how life changing the process was.  In a world where it is common to exaggerate and use hyperbole, I do not use these types of words lightly.

In my mind, sadly, there is an inherent scepticism with the use of hypnotherapy.  Whether this is due to the media, a lack of understanding or the fear of the unknown, I can categorically say from my own personal experience that this is completely unjustified.  I was aware of what I was doing, but felt that my mind had been “opened” which, with careful questioning and suggestion allowed me to come to conclusions about feelings and events. At all times I felt in control and if I’d wanted to I could have got up and left, but I was so relaxed and content, at no point did I want to.

To summarise, my work with Lee has been incredible.  As someone who came to the process saying a 1% improvement in mental attitude would be a positive thing, this figure has been well exceeded.  I would say that I have released a lot of negativity that I had no idea I was tormenting myself with and now feel stronger and more positive.  In short, I would happily recommend Lee to anyone wishing to unlock their full potential.

Rachel Milton - Performance Enhancement

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I met Lee in a completely different work setting than in his office. We worked together as part of the military deployed to Afghanistan and on a lark another soldier mentioned to me in passing that Lee was a trained hypnotherapist.


Based on observing Lee’s conduct in the military as a leader of soldiers I could see by both his actions and words that he is a consummate professional and I took on faith that his behaviour in our soldierly profession would carry over to his work as a hypnotherapist. It turned out I was right. Lee conducted himself at all times with the highest of professional standards and as I knew nothing about hypnotherapy he thoroughly explained what it is he does and I learned much more than I expected about how we humans are hardwired for success and failure.


Lee walked me through his process and then after three sessions with him I now feel fully equipped to put my subconscious to work for me in my endeavours both to improve my health and fitness and in any other aspect of my life that I choose to focus on. If you are struggling to improve  or work through stubborn problem area Lee can help you help yourself to reach the best of which you are capable of. While he can’t make you taller on the outside he can assist you in feeling 10 feet tall on the inside!

Kelly R. Heth - Goal Setting

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I had an anger management problem that had been building for a good number of years - at least 2 ½ decades.  I would fly “off the handle” at the very slightest of provocation.  I saved a special kind of vitriol for careless or “stupid” drivers.


I had been to see mental health care professionals with this problem and they had not been able to address it – that said, I did stop going after a few visits because I could not see how I was going to deal with the problem.


After just 3 visits with Lee, I have made remarkable progress, to the point where we feel that further meetings would not be necessary.  I am amazed at what I have been shown by Lee and the sheer power of the sub-conscious mind.  I do not personally feel that I could have achieved the change I have any other way.


Lee has been completely professional in all of our meetings / appointments and I have nothing but the highest praise for him, and his methods.  I would recommend him to anyone I know in an instant.

Anger Management - Bob Bell

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When I first spoke to Lee Evans, it was minutes after I had been informed by the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) that I had been banned from applying to be a Mine Clearance Diving Officer (MCDO) for a year. The reason for this was because I had suffered from Decompression Illness for a second time; due to dehydration caused by alcohol misuse.


The realisation that alcohol may have ruined my chances of becoming a MCDO was tough to take; becoming a MCDO was the reason I had joined the Royal Navy.

The Diving Doctor at the INM was a pivotal turning point for me; he was the first person to make me realise that since the age of 16 I had been binge drinking and that it was negatively affecting my judgement. He made me realise I needed help, which led me inadvertently through Kirsten Serr to Lee. 

Lee requested that I complete a questionnaire before meeting him; in it I had to write about my greatest concern. It was that I would make a mistake with serious consequences, and that the reason for the mistake was due to drinking the previous night. For me this was a real, tangible concern.

I met Lee on a Thursday, and had been sober for a week and four days. Naively, I thought Lee would see that I was fine and that I’d be out after a quick 20 minute chat. This was not to be the case.

Lee asked questions about me, my home life, diving and also about drinking. He quickly deduced that my problem was a debilitating fear of rejection and criticism; drinking was merely a symptom. He then placed me under hypnosis where we explored my past. I recalled significant events that I had not thought of for years. Lee helped me to isolate deep set fears, showing me for the first time that they existed. The effect was analogous to removing a painful splinter that you didn’t even realise you had, until it was removed.

That 2 hour 40 minute session was the most useful experience I have had since joining the Navy. I left the meeting taller, more powerful and yet calmer than ever before. Even the pallor of my skin had changed.

I have not drunk for a month, but it is more than that. Every day I feel more confident and at ease, in my head is peace where before there used to be nagging doubt. Now the emphasis is upon me to take positive steps every day to reinforce the lessons learnt, to really believe what Lee was trying to show me that Thursday evening.

The experience was life changing and I do not use the term lightly. When I discuss what I went through to my friends and family, they have all commented that they would benefit from such therapy. I am certain that we all have our own deep set fears which negatively affect us, identifying these for what they are and taking steps to combat them is extremely beneficial. I almost feel grateful for getting Decompression Illness, for otherwise I would not have met with Lee.


Mindpower Solutions Icon.jpg

My name is Hannah and I am a 32 year old teacher, living on the Isle of Wight. I live with my daughter, Ella (3) and husband, Kieron.

I have had insulin-dependent Diabetes for 31 out of my 32 years of life and have always managed to live a full and active life. During my pregnancy I developed complications which included high blood pressure. This high blood pressure, combined with a lack of early intervention from the eye clinic (repeated cancelled appointments) meant that I developed severe prolific retinopathy in both eyes and maculopathy in my right eye. In the last 3 years and even during my pregnancy I have had over 40 separate procedures, many under general anaesthetic to save the sight in my right eye. 

Before pregnancy, my vision was fairly good but my right eye was much stronger than my left, which has always required a fairly strong prescription. Losing the sight in my right eye meant I had to rely on the poorer sight in my left eye so it was a struggle to cope with at first. After many operations, my eye surgeon had done all that he could with my right eye and nothing more can be done. Currently, blurred colours and shapes with rough edges is what I see if I close my left eye.

My left eye is my only remaining useful eye and with a job, a daughter and a mortgage to pay I needed to keep it like that. I have had fortnightly, often weekly appointments with my eye surgeon for the past three years. In July, a scan showed that a blood vessel, with one end attached to the jelly in my eye and one end attached to my retina had started to pull away, tearing a hole in my brittle retina (following several thousand laser burns),allowing fluid to enter the hole, lifting off the retina. This would need urgent, major surgery with no guarantee of success or  that I would not develop an infection following surgery which would mean blindness. 

I was desperate not to have the surgery as I knew it could well mean the end of my teaching career and leave me with no possibility of watching my daughter grow up. My appointments became one every other day to check on the progress of the tear as the amount of fluid entering the hole slowly increased. My eye surgeon did some laser-patch surgery but felt sure the force from the attached blood vessel pulling away was too strong for my already weakened retina to take.

My sister knew the difficulties I was facing and suggested that I try hypnotherapy with her colleague, Lee Evans. I would not call myself a hypnotherapy-sceptic, in fact several years ago, I had listened to one of my mum’s weight loss cassettes and for a while, I felt nauseous whenever I saw a cake! Also, in the seventh month of my pregnancy when it was impossible to have general anaesthesia for an urgent eye operation, I googled “hypnoanaethesia” and had an uncomfortable but relatively pain-free operation where I imagined my eye-ball wrapped in bubble wrap!


I had, however, not given any thought to how hypnotherapy could help me with this situation.



I believe firmly in mind-over-matter and how a positive mental attitude can overcome even the biggest of obstacles. I understand from my 11 years of teaching experience, that if you tell yourself enough times you’re going to fail, you probably will do and I have experienced how pain can be minimized or maximized depending on your approach to it.


But I simply couldn’t understand how something physical (e.g. a blood vessel pulling way and causing a detached retina) could be fixed by someone talking to you for a couple of hours. My eye surgeon is the top specialist in his field and he has seen many cases like mine. He has always been optimistic and avoided surgery in the past unless truly necessary but even he said that surgery was imminent and that I should prepare myself for it. I also believe in the power of prayer and had everyone I know, and everyone they know, praying for me – for some miracle to happen that would stop this tiny little blood vessel from moving anymore and taking my sight with it.

After considering my sister’s idea, I came to the conclusion that even God needs a helping hand sometimes and anyway, what did I have to lose? I was intrigued to find out what Lee could possibly say to me that would possibly make a difference. The conversation started with a bit of theory and a lot of talk about the concept of fear and how the body has this amazing ability to heal itself, without any conscious thought involved e.g. how scabs form naturally without pills or medication, and not because you tell them to, they just do. It all made perfect sense but I still couldn’t get my head around the idea of how my own brain could fix this thing. The immune system would naturally help the body to form a scab, but my eye thing wasn’t anything to do with the immune system as far as I was concerned.

I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to relax and let my natural defences down. It was the end of term at school, I had spent the last year planning a community choir tour to France for 50 people which was about to head off the day after the operation was planned and this retina- detachment bombshell to deal with. In short I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and frightened about what the future would hold for me and my young family. It turned out that this was a pretty good state to be in for hypnotherapy as when Lee asked me to relax and took me into deep relaxation, I could feel my arm moving through the air and across my body – but I wasn’t moving it – it was like it had a life of its own and Lee was guiding me through it and back out again.


I can’t remember a time when I have felt so relaxed and safe. For three weeks, since talk of the big operation, I had felt a blockage, like a big lump in my throat, as if I was about to cry. It was sometimes difficult to speak or to breathe and this feeling of fear had just taken over. I now breathed clearer and deeper and the blockage had gone.

I had thought that I would spend an hour with Lee, concentrating on the blood vessel and willing it to break off and stop pulling on my retina but here was very little talk about my eyes at all – at least, not that I can remember. I do remember a moment when Lee talked about me feeling my eyes cleansed and refreshed as if they had been bathed in spring water.


Later when I came out of my relaxed state I felt my eyes and face were wet – I had been crying but not been aware of this and I did not feel sad.

Lee focused on other issues; relationships, friendships, guilt, fear, responsibility, love and through the session I felt my posture change. I came to terms with elements of my personality that had been squashed or brought out by my recent sight issues. I felt a growing sense of self-worth and belief that whatever happened things would be ok. I started to see the last couple of years from a different perspective – in only a few hours I felt proud of what I had achieved rather than guilty for inadequately struggling through my roles as a mother, wife and teacher. I would never have believed how different someone could feel after only 2 or 3 hours. I was no longer frightened and this thing that was happening to me was not my fault. I felt stronger and happier, refreshed and at peace with myself.


That night I slept better than I had done for as long as I can remember. For the first time in ages, I woke up and I was no longer tired. Two days after the therapy with Lee, I returned to the hospital for my appointment with the eye surgeon.


He looked at the back of my eyes and scanned them several times using different machines. I didn’t want to say anything about the hypnotherapy….to this day I’m still not quite sure why. The blood vessel was still there, the tear and the fluid-filled hole was still there but the whole thing had stabilized. There had been no progression.


It was like the blood vessel had stopped pulling. It’s still the same now, four months later.

I want and need it to stay that way as it’s my only eye left. Lee sent me a CD and taught me how to self-hypnotise. I try to listen to it every day and when I can’t, I take time to just focus and relax myself using techniques Lee taught me. I feel sure the hypnotherapy has been a major factor in the stabilisation of my eye condition. Had I imagined hypnotherapy could be this powerful, it would have been my first port of call and I feel ashamed of ever having doubted it.


My husband, who has a doctorate in bio-chemistry and is not a big fan of alternative therapies, believes it is down to a placebo effect but is happy with the outcome whether he is right or not! I am happier, more confident and am no longer frightened about my future, whatever it may hold…. Thanks, Lee.

Hannah - Isle of Wight

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